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EvenAir Whole House Comfort

EvenAir Brochure

Experience ultimate temperature harmony in your home with the EvenAir® Whole House Comfort System.

Fresh Air Power Ventilator

Fresh Air Power Ventilator (FAPV) Product Sheet

The FAPV (Fresh Air Power Ventilator) is an in-line duct connected fan that provides fresh outdoor air to meet indoor ventilation code requirements and occupant preferences. Managed mechanical Fresh Air Ventilation improves air quality by diluting the indoor air with…

Whole House Dehumidifier

Whole House Dehumidifiers Product Sheet

Homes today may be more energy efficient due to tighter construction methods, but this can cause moisture to become trapped indoors. This results in musty odors and mold, mildew, and bacteria growth throughout the house. Controlling the humidity inside the…

Ventilation Sensor Controls Product Sheet

The Healthy Home System Sensor Sales Sheet

The Healthy Home System™ Control utilizes sensors to monitor and respond to changes in temperature, humidity, and/or changes in air pressure. Contractors may customize ventilation operations based on the home’s design, the homeowners’ preferences, or the need for more or…

Eliminator Foundation Vent Fan

Eliminator Foundation Vent Fan Brochure

The Eliminator Foundation Vent Fan is a motorized fan designed to circulate fresh air in a home or building crawl space to eliminate cancer-causing radon gas and reduce moisture that can lead to mold formation and termite infestation.
HRV ERV Brochure

HRV/ERV Brochure

With Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV), the homeowner realizes maximum energy efficiency, a balanced approach to fresh air, and additional benefits such as humidity control.
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