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IAQ Marketing Support

We can provide marketing support to help your company get noticed and gather leads.

Each Healthy Home System Contractor receives access to marketing support and tools needed to tap into the $12 billion IAQ market. Homeowners already understand the benefits of breathing air that is Fresh, Clean, and Pure. They like the idea that it piggybacks on their existing forced air system, and they especially like the price. The Healthy Home System™ is the most complete residential IAQ system on the market, built around the innovative Healthy Home System™ Control that integrates the central fan with the other components. Field Control is the only company in the IAQ industry that offers a complete line of IAQ products the address all 3 Allery Triggers year round.


All Field Healthy Home System Contractors are eligible to display branding materials that help distinguish their company as specialists in IAQ and the Healthy Home System. We also provide brochures and literature that you can customize with your logo and contact information.

Customize the Healthy Home System Homeowner Brochure. This brochure provides an overview of all IAQ products.

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Field Controls iaq marketing support

Lead Generation

We provide customizable postcards, newspaper ads, brochures, statement stuffers and more to help you develop interest and leads. We can help get your website noticed with expert IAQ content. As a Healthy Home System Contractor, we can upload your business info to our website which is designed to educate homeowners about IAQ and provide referrals to contractors in their location.

Field Controls


Contractors receive access to videos, IAQ content and more to help educate and sell homeowners on IAQ basics, answer theirquestions, and help them decide which Healthy Home System isright for them.

Field Controls

Get Started

The process is easy and begins with a phone call. To get started or for more information, call 252.208.7325 or

Contractor Toolbox

Login and get access to the toolbox for videos, manuals, training, literature and more.

IAQ Homeowner Facts:

  • 80% of homeowners consider Indoor Air Quality a significant problem.
  • 85% homeowners mentioned having smokers, asthmatics, excess dust, or pets in
    the home which signals the need for better IAQ products.
  • 45% of homes have someone with a respiratory ailment.
  • 33% of homeowners believe that indoor air quality is as important as energy
    efficiency and are willing to spend over $700 to improve it
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