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IAQ Product System

Let us help you choose the right IAQ product system for your customers and your market.

The Healthy Home System® is a whole-house, indoor air quality solution that can be added to any forced air system. This IAQ product system addresses the three main allergy triggers: Germs, Particulates and Gases. Our unique system combines comprehensive, patented air treatment with central fan control. The combination ensures CleanFresh and Pure air year-round, even when not heating or cooling. The Healthy Home System not only provides improved air quality, it also keeps the HVAC system clean and running at top efficiency, reducing maintenance and energy costs. Oue IAQ product system is a great value for your customer and a terrific profit center for you. Let us help you create a customizable proposal with your logo and the right mix of products for your customers and your market.


Media Air Cleaners

Our high efficiency Media Air Cleaners trap dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, so indoor air is CLEAN year round. Our high quality, metal cabinets feature HeavySeal™ which provides a supertight envelope with no leakage around the filter or out of the ductwork.

Our CLEAN products address Particulates.

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PRO-Cell Technology

Our Duo and Trio products utilize PRO-Cell™ technology, our patented Photo-Reactive Oxidation process. PRO-Cell neutralizes odors and VOCs while our AirFresh Carbon traps lingering odors.

Our FRESH products address Gases.

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UV-Aire® Purification

UV-Aire whole house air purifiers feature a powerful, energy efficient UVC germicidal lamp that purifies the air by neutralizing harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi. The compact design allows for easy installation in tight spaces and over AC-coils. With over 9 models to choose from and over 100,000 units sold, UV-Aire purifiers are proven to be reliable, durable and effective.

Our PURE products address Germs.

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Automatic Air Flow Management

The Healthy Home System® Control (HHSC+™) intelligently manages the central fan to provide year-round fresh air ventilation and maximize the benefits of Field Controls media air cleaners and air purifiers… even when the system isn’t heating or cooling.

Field Controls, Healthy Home System Control Plus, HHSC+

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Customize Your Product Offering.

Let us help you choose the right products for your customers and your market.

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