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Ventilation and Air Treatment Solutions for New and Existing Homes

Today’s homeowner is concerned with building green, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and proper ventilation. Field Controls has unique, affordable solutions that can help position home builders as experts in ventilation systems and indoor air treatment. Our solutions meet or exceed ASHRAE standards.

Controlled Ventilation For Every Home

Fresh air ventilation is vital for the health of the occupants in the home. New energy efficiency requirements have tightened homes to the point that fresh air ventilation must be managed, and ASHRAE Standard 62.2 standards specifying the minimum air changes needed in any given single- or multi-family home. In most states, fresh air ventilation is required to meet building codes for new construction or to obtain energy tax credits. Field Controls can provide builders with expert recommendations and suggestions for the best fresh air ventilation systems, duct sizing, and indoor air treatment for particulates, gases, and germs.

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