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Air Control, Air Movement, and Air Quality

Field Controls Improves Indoor Environments.

Field Controls product innovations span the decades from 1927 to present with promising new technology in development for the future.

Case Study: The Tight Seal Motorized Flue Damper

For positive pressure venting systems.

Field Controls developed a powerful solution to improve efficiency and conserve energy on commercial gas-fired boilers, central heating boilers, and tankless water heaters. The Field Controls Tight Seal Flue Damper is designed to maintain a super-tight seal when the system is idle and is ideal for positive pressure systems. When multiple boilers are installed in series, the Tight Seal works to isolate each boiler system to prevent heat loss and flue gas migration between boilers. There are nine sizes of the Tight Seal for pipe diameters 4″ to 14″.

• Reduces emissions, enhances safety and reliability
• Power open/spring closed action
• Prevents flue-gas back-flow
• Reduces heat loss and fuel consumption

How It Works

When there is a call for heat, the damper powers open in 30 seconds. Once the damper is proven open, the burner can fire. When the thermostat is satisfied, the damper is spring closed, also in about 30 seconds. The EPDM gasket allows as little as 2 to 10 CFH leakage

Field Controls, Low Leakage Damper
iso certified 2015

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