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Field Controls

Neutralize Airborne Viruses

Portable Air Purification for the nursery, bedroom, dorm room, office, or any room

Virus Solution & Flu Season Protection
Not all portable air purifiers include UV. Many “air purifiers” are really air cleaners that only trap particulates. They do nothing to purify indoor air. Only UV light can purify the air. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Air Disinfection has been effectively used for years.
Will UVC Light Kill The Coronavirus?

According to the Columbia University Center for Radiological Research, it will. “Using the power of light: Preventing the airborne spread of Coronavirus and Influenza.”

The Field Controls Trio Portable Purifier uses a high intensity ultraviolet (UVC) lamp to reduce airborne germs, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs like the flu and measles to purify indoor air. Trio Portable Purifier have 4 stages of indoor air protection that includes multi-stage filtration, germ/virus neutralization, and odor/VOC reduction. The Trio is recommended for anyone with allergies, a respiratory illness, or a compromised immune system.

  • Traps dust, dander, pollen, and other airborne particles
  • Neutralizes airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses
  • Transforms odors and VOCs into fresh, breathable air
Additional Portable UV Purifier Protection

The UV-500C portable room air purifier provides concentrated UV power in bedrooms, living spaces, nurseries, dorm rooms, kitchens and home offices or any room where extra protection is needed!

  • Stage 1 is a high intensity ultraviolet light that neutralizes airborne mold. bacteria, and viruses
  • Stage 2 is high efficiency filter that traps allergens, dust, and pollen
  • Stage 3 is a carbon filter that removes odors and attacks VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
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