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This Portable Air Purifier has been discontinued.

Please check out product line of Portable Air Purifiers

Kit Includes:

  • One carbon filter
  • Four high-efficiency/carbon filters
  • One 12″ UV germicidal lamp

About the UV-1500C Portable Air Purifier

The UV-1500C provides concentrated UV power in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices… where it’s needed most. Each portable model utilizes a high efficiency fan with multi-speed control to circulate and treat indoor air. The UV-1500C is recommended for rooms up to 1500 square feet. Enhance your UV protection by combining the concentrated power of the UV-Aire portable units with one of the Field UV-Aire in-duct models. The combined use of portable and in-duct models is an extremely effective whole house solution.

Ideal for

  • Bedrooms and nurseries
  • Dormitories and apartments
  • Homes without duct work
  • Extra protection in any room up to 1500 square feet
Field Controls
Replacement Kit for UV-1500C Part# 46453600
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