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The Healthy Home System™ Control

The Healthy Home System™ Control intelligently manages the central fan to provide fresh air ventilation and maximize the benefits of the Healthy Home System™. This full featured control is easy to install and set up, provides more options and better feedback. It’s the easiest, most cost effective way to ensure the air in the home is FRESH, CLEAN, and PURE even when not heating or cooling.

Using the Healthy Home System air control along with a media air cleaner with enhance air filtering. Combine the air control and media air cleaner with a UV light for protection against airborne germs, bacteria and the flu virus.

According to WebMD, researchers say a certain spectrum of ultraviolet light–called UVC–easily neutralizes airborne flu viruses while posing no risk to people. As the researchers explained, “broad-spectrum UVC light kills viruses and bacteria, and it is currently used to decontaminate surgical equipment.”

How it Works

Filters and air purifiers only work when the furnace or air conditioner is operating. The Healthy Home System™ Control monitors the central fan activity and engages the fan on a regular schedule to keep air that is fresh, clean, and pure circulating throughout the entire home even during times when not heating and cooling. The Healthy Home System™ Control is set by the contractor and works independently of the thermostat, providing better control and more consistent operation. And improves indoor air quality.

Learn more about our Healthy Home System™ or locate a Contractor.

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