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The Ultimate Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Solution

Upgrade any Heating and Cooling System to a Healthy Home System® and breathe air that is FRESH, CLEAN, and PURE™.

Indoor air is literally filled with particles that can cause illness and aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems. It’s important to keep your indoor air FreshClean, and Pure. The Healthy Home System® from Field Controls is a whole home indoor air quality solution that improves air quality by:

    1. Treating the entire home as a system
    2. By improving the efficiency and cleanliness of the air handling system itself
    3. By constantly monitoring and managing the air flow in the home for maximum benefit.

Since the Healthy Home System is added to the existing HVAC system, it’s a better value than stand-alone systems that can cost thousands of dollars more. The Healthy Home System is the best air purification system.

For your Home

  • Creates uniform temperature and humidity throughout the home
  • Enhances whole house filtration and air purification
  • Virtually maintenance free

For your HVAC system

  • Media Air Cleaner™ reduces dust and pollen that can damage the air handler
  • UV-Aire® products eliminates mold growth on air conditioning coils
  • Improves efficiency, reduces maintenance, and extends system life

For your Family

  • Removes asthma irritants
  • Keeps air Fresh, Clean, and Pure™ all year round
  • Cost efficient
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Healthy Home System Components

Depending on your needs and budget use as much of the HHS or as little as you need. The ability to add components means the HHS is efficient and can be configured to fit any need. The full system features 4 components: ControlFreshClean & Pure.

Control: Move Air

The HHSC+™ Control component Monitors the Central Fan to keep air circulating throughout the entire home even during times when not heating and cooling.

Fresh: Fresh Air Ventilation

The Fresh Air Ventilation component that automatically controls the input of fresh air into your home to help maintain a healthy balance.

Clean: Air Filtration

The Media Air Cleaner™ is a Whole House Air Filtration system that combines minimum maintenance with maximum air cleaning capacity.

Pure: Air Purification

The UV-Aire air purifier component is a pure air solution that eliminates mold build-up on the AC coil and sterilizes or eliminates most air borne contaminants as they pass the lamp.


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