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Fresh Air Ventilation Solutions

The Healthy Home System™ includes a Fresh Air Ventilation (FAV) component that automatically controls the input of fresh air into your home to help maintain a healthy balance. Since indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, it is important to continuously maintain air exchanges within the home.

Controlled Fresh Air Ventilation For Every Home

Fresh air is vital for the health of the occupants and the health of the home. New energy efficiency requirements have tightened homes to the point that fresh air ventilation cannot be assumed. It must be managed. HVAC engineers have developed ASHRAE Standard 62.2 specifying the minimum air changes needed in any given residence. In most states, Fresh Air Ventilation is required to meet building codes for new construction or to obtain energy tax credits.

The Fresh Air System (FAS) from Field Controls meets these requirements by delivering fresh air automatically and efficiently. The FAS includes proven components for simple, reliable, fresh air delivery for improved indoor air quality.


  • Utilizes the central fan to supply outdoor air through a controlled duct
  • Operates intermittently
  • Automatic fresh air damper (FAD) prevents infiltration during off periods
  • Lamp and filter replacement alerts
  • Easy to install and program
  • Part of the Healthy Home System™


  • Delivers fresh air automatically, year round
  • Creates uniform temperature and humidity throughout the home
  • Enhances effectiveness of Media Air Cleaner™ and UV air purifiers
  • Can help reduce humidity
  • Helps reduce heating and cooling costs

How it Works

The Fresh Air Damper (FAD) is a motor driven damper activated by the Healthy Home System™ Control. When there is a call for fresh air, the HHSC+ opens the damper allowing fresh air to enter the HVAC return. When the HHSC+ is satisfied, the damper is closed.The Make-Up Air System (MAS) is a pressure activated damper that opens whenever the central fan is on. It closes automatically when the fan is turned off. The adjustable gate provides precise control of air flow based on the needs of the structure.

Your home is a system.

Learn how introducing fresh air into your home helps improve your indoor air quality

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