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medical grade air purification system

Medical Grade Air Purification for Light Commercial Applications

(Kinston, NC) – Introducing a multi-stage medical grade purification system for ultra-fast eradication of VOCs, odors, germs and particulates. The Cube™ by Field Controls is ideal for systems up to 6 tons where pristine, odor-free air is a requirement. The system is being used in a wide variety of applications including InVitro Fertilization labs where VOCs can damage sperm cells, and Nail and Hair Salons where VOCs and odors can be overwhelming.

The Cube includes a MERV 13 high efficiency filter, a separate carbon filter, and three PRO-Cell™ modules. Each PRO-Cell includes two UVC germicidal lamps and a maintenance-free aluminum grid coated with Titanium Dioxide. As air passes through the PRO-Cell modules, germs, bacteria and mold are neutralized by the high output UVC lamps while VOCs and odors are transformed into harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide. With three high powered modules, air is cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Field Controls

The Cube also has multiple configuration options. It can be outfitted with an optional post filter to trap targeted gases or with an all-purpose charcoal filter to further control odors in a recirculating system. For exhausting systems, a third PRO-Cell™ module with specialized output can be incorporated to prevent odors from being exhausted outside the building. The a product like the Cube is ideal for printing companies, nail and hair salons, InVitro Fertilization clinics, schools, medical clinics, vet hospitals, fabric stores, and all other applications or work environments where air quality is essential or can be compromised by VOCs. To ensure these commercial facilities are protected, a medical grade purification system is a necessity.

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For more information on the Cube or the Healthy Home IAQ System, visit or call 252.522.3031.

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