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Air Intelligence: Don’t Take Air For Granted

Air Intelligence: Don’t Take Air for Granted



We all live in separate environments every day. There’s the air outside our homes. Then, there is the air inside our homes. On this episode of the Air Intelligence Podcast, Tim Begoske, Midwest Regional Manager for Field Controls, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the need to pay close attention to the air we allow into our living spaces.

There is a general knowledge gap when it comes to HVAC systems from the homeowner’s perspective, Begoske said.

“We have several exhaust systems in our homes,” Begoske said. “What takes place is that you have a pressure differential in the building, so the building is slightly negative compared to outdoors. What happens, then, is that air migrates into the space from places that may not be so friendly from a healthy perspective, such as the garage when you open the door and walk in.”

Properly monitoring and managing the air as it enters the home has multiple benefits, Begoske explained.

“Adding air from a known source that is far less likely to have contaminants in it and then also driving that through the HVAC appliance to heat it, cool it, humidify it, dehumidify it, filter it and then bring it into the space is far more healthy for the occupants,” he said. “And the house, visibly, actually gets cleaner.”

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