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Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

The Fresh Air Ventilation System is an intelligent, automatic, year-round ventilation system that integrates with an existing HVAC system and thermostat to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements for fresh air intake.

Our Fresh Air Ventilation System (FAV) features a Fresh Air Damper (FAD) that works automatically with the Fresh Air Ventilation Control (FAVC) to efficiently and effectively distribute air throughout the house.

The Fresh Air Ventilation Control utilizes the central fan to supply outdoor air from a known source through a controlled duct for fresh air intake, while the
Fresh Air Damper prevents infiltration during off periods. When there is a call for fresh air intake, the control opens the damper allowing fresh air to enter the HVAC return. When the control is satisfied, the damper is closed.

Our Fresh Air Ventilation Systems are a type of Central Fan Integrated (CFI) Ventilation. CFI Ventilation is better than Exhaust Ventilation like a bathroom fan and more economical than a Balanced Ventilation system like an HRV or ERV system. The Exhaust Ventilations systems are easy to install, have low energy use, but they draw in air from uncontrolled sources and can create negative pressure. HRVs or ERVs capture a nominal amount of energy in the exhaust air, which helps on energy cost, but they are expensive to install and maintain.

Plus, CFI systems are more effective than a bath fan. Bath fans can quickly create negative pressure in the bathroom and ultimately become ineffective, not exhausting the air. The replacement air with a bath fan typically enters from poor air quality sources such as the garage, attic, or basement where automobile fumes, radon gas, and other household chemicals may enter.


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