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Healthy Home System Controller

Health Home System Control

Manage the Central Fan 24/7.

The Healthy Home System®️ Control (HHSC+™️) intelligently manages the central fan to provide year-round fresh air ventilation and maximize the benefits of Field Controls media air cleaners and air purifiers. When combined with a Fresh Air Damper (FAD), the HHSC+ will provide fresh air ventilation on a schedule to meet ASHRAE 62.2.

Air is circulated at timed intervals and is treated by the Healthy Home System to ensure healthier air year round even when not heating or cooling. If the air doesn’t move, the air isn’t treated. The HHSC+ also balances temperature and comfort in the home.

What are the benefits of the Healthy Home System Control? The HHSC delivers fresh air automatically, year round. It enables the HVAC system to meet ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standard. It also creates uniform temperature and humidity throughout the home while enhancing the effectiveness of whole house filtration and air purification.

The Healthy Home System Control is designed to operate continuously year round without user intervention. The HHS controller is set by the installer and operates independent of the thermostat. The control can be programmed to reminder homeowners to replace the air purifier UV lamp and air filter. It also displays time/date display.

The Healthy Home System Control can also be used with our E-Sensor which is used to inhibit ventilation during extreme outdoor weather conditions; the C-Sensor used to provide makeup air by sensing operation of exhausting devices such as dryers, bath fans and range hoods; and our duct-mounted P-Sensor for monitoring differential pressure.

Indoor air is filled with particulates, gases and germs that can cause illness and aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems. The Healthy Home System® is a whole-home indoor air quality solution that leaves air CLEAN, PURE, and FRESH™ by addressing the three main allergy triggers. What’s more, the Healthy Home System keeps any HVAC system running at top efficiency, which means less maintenance and reduced energy costs.


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