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Uv Lights For Hvac, Uv Light For Hvac, Uv Hvac Light, Pro Cell Upgrade And Uv16 Purifier
Uv Lights For Hvac, Uv Light For Hvac, Uv Hvac Light, Pro Cell Upgrade And Uv16 Purifier
AC Air Purifier
Uv Lights For Hvac, Uv Light For Hvac, Uv Hvac Light, Pro Cell Upgrade And Uv16 PurifierAC Air Purifier

Highlights of the PRO-Cell™ Upgrade Kit

    • AIRFRESH™ CARBON ODOR ADSORPTION: Traps VOCs and reduce odors
    • PRO-CELL TECHNOLOGY: Transforms odors and VOCs into harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Features of the UV-Aire Air Purifier PRO-Cell Upgrade Assembly

The PRO-Cell Upgrade Assembly is compatible with the UV-16/120 or UV-16/120 air purifiers. The PCUV-16UA PRO-Cell Upgrade Assembly boosts the UVC performance with patented PRO-Cell Technology to reduce gaseous airborne contaminants, toxins, and odors in the home.

What is PCO? Photo Catalytic Oxidation is a chemical reaction that utilizes a catalyst and a form of activation energy to break down complex and often toxic organic compounds into simple, safe molecules, namely carbon dioxide and water. A catalytic converter on an automobile is an example of this process to reduce smog. Toxic gasoline by-products that would contribute to smog are converted, under pressure and heat, into safe and breathable carbon dioxide and water vapor. PCO technology is effectively used in hospitals, airports, retail stores, casinos, commercial offices and homes.

While Field Controls UV air purifiers reduce airborne germs, they can also keep A-Coils clean. A-Coils are in moist, dark places, the perfect breeding ground for mold and toxic biofilm that releases germs into the air each time the system cycles. When a UV lamp is placed near the A-Coil it keeps the coil clean, allowing the AC system to run efficiently, which saves on energy costs, reduces maintenance, and extends the life of the equipment.

The UV lamp neutralizes an organism’s DNA and makes it unable to replicate. As indoor air circulates through the duct system, it is consistently bathed in UV light as it passes through the treatment zone. Based on the design of the central air system, each molecule of air will pass over the lamp 75-150 times a day. Independent lab tests indicate that Field Controls UVs have a significant and cumulative effect on the concentration of airborne germs in the home. In an independent test, Field Controls UV reduced the test bacteria by 90 percent with a single airflow pass at typical airflow rates. This efficiency will not be the same for all bacteria and molds since each organism requires different exposure times at the same UV output energy level.

Accessories/Parts: UV-16/24 induct air purifiers, UV-16/120 induct air purifiers, and Replacement Lamps

The PCUV-16UA upgrade kit should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area.

Specifications of the PRO-Cell™ Upgrade Kit

Model Part Number Sizing (tons) Toxic Gas Reduction (VOCs) Bacterial Germicidal Reduction Pressure Drop (in WC)
PCUV-16UA 46646200 1.5 to 5.0 99.9% 99% .02


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