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Zero Ozone Policy

Making indoor spaces safer and cleaner is core to our mission since 1927. We are a proud Certified Woman-Owned Business with manufacturing in North Carolina and California. As leaders in air purification solutions, our three-stage proprietary technologies for particles, germs,…

uv lights for hvac

UV Air Purifier Maintenance Q&A

Common Questions About Field Controls UV Air Purifier Systems UV is an effective tool to stop the spread of viruses. It can reduce mold and bacteria and other airborne germs. A lot of research has shown UV light neutralizes viruses…

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January 2019: Steam Humdifiers Q&A

Common Questions About Field Controls Combustion Air Systems (CAS). Our Whole House Steam Humidifiers are compatible with virtually every make and model of forced air system and it is ideal for use with heat pumps. They operate any time there…

cas-4 fan in a can, combustion air system

March 2019: Fan-in-a-can Combustion Air Systems Q&A

Common Questions About Field Controls Combustion Air Systems (CAS). Winter is winding down, but you won’t be turning your heat off just yet. In fact, I still get a lot of questions about our CAS (Combustion Air Systems). The CAS is…

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