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Technical Support

Need help with product application, wiring, and installation?

We have a dedicated tech support team to answer your questions. Office hours are 8am – 5pm EST. Call toll free: 800-742-VENT (8368).

Our Tech Support Q&A emails offer useful tips and information. Sign up for our Tech Support emails below. A complete library of installation manuals and wiring diagrams is available online.

Below are some of the topics we’ve covered in our Tech Support Q&A emails.

March 2019: Fan-in-a-Can Combustion Air Systems Q&A

Common Questions About Field Controls Combustion Air Systems (CAS). Winter is winding down, but you won’t be turning your heat off just yet. In fact, I still get a lot of questions about our CAS (Combustion Air Systems). The CAS is designed to provide combustion air for appliances when direct connection to the burner is not possible, like when the appliance is located in a confined space.

Below are some of the most common questions on the CAS.

Q: How do you size the CAS to the appliance?
A: The best way to size the CAS to the appliance is by the input BTU rating for gas appliances and maximum GPH firing rate for oil appliances. Go to page 25 in our Contractor Reference Guide and refer to the Installation Specs chart.

Q: Which type of burners can be hooked up to the CAS-1?
A: The CAS-1 is designed for the Beckett AFII and NX burner. The CAS-1 can also be used on the Riello 40BF burner.

Q: Can the CAS-2B be used on a Carlin burner?
A: No, the CAS-2B is designed to fit the house of the Beckett AF and AFG burner. The Carlin burner is a different size than the Beckett burner. The CAS-2C is designed for the Carlin EZ-1, CRD, and FRD with firing rates under 2.00 GPH.

Q: Can an oil and gas appliance be hooked up to one CAS unit?
A: Yes, you would need to decide which CAS to use and then add the appropriate CAC or CK control to adapt the other appliance.

Q: Can multiple appliances be hooked up to a CAS unit?
A: If you are using a direct connect CAS unit you would not be able to hook multiple appliances up to the CAS. If you are using the indirect CAS unit such as the Fan-In-The-Can you would need a CAC controller for each additional appliance that is being added to the CAS unit. If you are adding a residential water heater to a CAS unit, you would use the CK-20FV control.

January 2019: Steam Humdifiers Q&A

Our Whole House Steam Humidifiers are compatible with virtually every make and model of forced air system and it is ideal for use with heat pumps. They operate any time there is a call for humidity, not just when there is a call for heat. This means maximum comfort for the homeowner since humidity can be added at any time through the forced air system.

Here are some of the most common questions answered.

Q: Is there an advantage to using the S2020 (240V) over the S2000 (120V)?
A: The real advantage between the two models is the S2020 (240V) model will be more efficient since it increases the water temperature to the required 212 degrees quicker.

Q: Does it matter if the unit is fed water from the hot or cold water supply?
A: Either hot or cold supply will work; however, the hot water supply will work better since it has already given up the solids to the water heater anode. Remember if you are using any type of filter on the water supply going into the unit, you must use the cold water supply.

Q: The green LED light is flashing rapidly and the drain LED light is on, but nothing is happening, why?
A: This is normal. The unit is in the drain cycle and will stop blinking after 10 minutes. If the unit does not stop blinking after 10 minutes, it means the humidistat is not connected or incorrectly wired.

Q: Is there any type of maintenance that needs to be performed?
A: Yes, depending on the hardness of the water, mineral deposits will need to be removed on a yearly basis. The best time to clean the unit is after winter. Follow the maintenance steps in the installation manual.

Q: I just installed a unit in a customer’s home and it has been running constantly for 2 days. Is that normal?
A: Yes. The unit will run until the desired humidity level, which is set on the humidistat, is achieved. This means everything inside the home will have to “absorb” a certain amount of moisture that is being supplied to the home before the humidistat senses the requested humidity reading.

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