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uv lights for hvac

UV Air Purifier Maintenance Q&A

Common Questions About Field Controls
UV Air Purifier Systems

UV is an effective tool to stop the spread of viruses. It can reduce mold and bacteria and other airborne germs. A lot of research has shown UV light neutralizes viruses and germs.

Our UV-Aire and DUO units are designed to emit powerful UV-C Band light rays, which sterilize and reduce airborne microorganisms as they pass through a heating or air conditioning system. It is installed in the main supply or return duct and operates continuously to automatically purify the air in the home 24 hours a day.

Below are some of the most common questions I receive on UV air purifiers. I hope you find these tech tips helpful.

Q: How often does the UV lamp need to be replaced?
A: The maximum output intensity of our UV lamps begins to lessen after 1 year. To maintain maximum output, we suggested replacing the UV lamp annually.

Q: Is UV light harmful to eyes and skin?
A: Direct exposure to UV light is not recommended, as it may cause damage to skin and eyes.

Q: Do I need to disconnect power before I replace the lamp?
A: UV-Aire 16 and DUO-11, 14 & 16 air purifiers ballast assemblies have a built-in safety switch that automatically turns off the lamp for fast and easy lamp replacement. For DUO-2000 units, you need to disconnect the power before replacing the bulb. Also, the UV-12, 18 & 28 do not use a transformer. These units are plugged into a standard outlet but do have a rocker switch to turn the unit off before maintenance is performed. Remember to read all warning labels and service procedures located in the installation manual for your unit.

Q: I’ve just installed a UV-Aire 16 or a DUO and the bulb will not illuminate.
A: Excessive pressure may have been used when drilling the hole in the duct and pushed the duct in preventing the safety switch from working properly. The dimple on the left side of the base plate of the unit has a small screw. Use a pair of pliers to pull the screw out. If the light comes on, the unit is working. You will need to shim the safety switch with some material to build up the indented section of duct.

Q: What does “microwatts per centimeter at 1 meter ” mean?
A: Microwatts per centimeter at 1 meter is an intensity rating. It means the amount of UV-C energy exposed onto one square centimeter of surface area on a target placed 1 meter from the bulb. Our lamps are high intensity and very powerful.

Q: How do I know if the unit is working?
A: A blue glow should be seen via the viewport in the duct. Please note that viewport hole will not allow any UVC rays to pass through.

Q: Can I touch the UV lamp/bulb with bare hands?
A: Do not handle the lamp/bulb with bare hands. Oils on hands tend to reduce lamp/bulb intensity. Wear protective gloves when replacing the lamp/bulb and wipe off the glass with the supplied alcohol wipe before replacing.

Installation manuals and wiring diagrams for all of our products can be found on our website,, under the support tab.

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