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Dual Lamp In Duct Air Purifier
Dual Lamp In Duct Air Purifier
UV Air Purifier Deflector Shield
Flexible UV Air Purifier
UV Air Purifier Deflector Shield
UV Air Purifier Installation Wires
Dual Lamp In Duct Air PurifierUV Air Purifier Deflector ShieldFlexible UV Air PurifierUV Air Purifier Deflector ShieldUV Air Purifier Installation Wires

Highlights of the FlexMountUV Twin Lamp AC Coil Cleaner and Air Purifier

  • MOUNTING: Patented 180° articulating arm
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installs fast with mounting magnet or snap-off mounting plate option
  • UVC LAMP: Two high-efficiency lamps

Features of the FlexmountUV Ac Coil Cleaner and Air Purifier

Breathe pure air while reducing AC maintenance costs and increasing AC efficiency. FlexMountUV AC coil cleaner  and air purifier take up half the space of traditional UV units, yet they deliver powerful UV light that irradiates bacteria, mold and spores. Not only do they make indoor air pure, FlexMountUV AC coil cleaner systems help keep the AC A-coil clean of mold and organic material so it runs more efficiently, reducing AC running and maintenance costs. Four models to fit any need. The UV lamp is working when the blue tube lights up.

There are different size units available, depending on the tonnage of your HVAC system. See chart below for determining the needs of your home. The FlexMountUV™ system is provided with a unique patent-pending, magnetically-attached Mounting Bracket Assembly. The mounting bracket assembly may be rotated and/or extended relative to the mounting surface, to provide maximum flexibility in mounting positions and configurations.

UVC light inhibits the growth and reproduction of germs and bacteria that circulate through a homes’ heating and air conditioning system. The treatment is a safe, silent, and proven way to make your home a healthier place to live.

FlexMountUV In-Duct Purifiers can be installed inside the AC-Coil box plenum, over the coil or below the coil with our secure mount heavy-duty magnet or the FlexMountUV lamp can be installed by inserting it into the AC-Coil plenum box with the snap-off zip screw mounting plate. The patented articulating arm allows for a full 180º rotation to target the UVC energy for precision AC-Coil irradiation.

Accessories/Parts: Replacement Lamp

The FlexMountUV air purifier systems should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area.

Specification of the FlexmountUV AC Coil Cleaner and Air Purifier

Model Part Number Sizing (tons) Voltage Lamp Length (inches) Lamp Wattage Lamp Intensity Lamp Configuration Transformer Required
(μW/cm²@1m) (μW/cm²@1in) (μW/cm²@0in)
UV-13FM 46630113 1.5 to 5.0 24 12.6 24 65 6,858 19,116 Twin Lamp 40VA
UV-17FM 46630117 1.5 to 5.0 24 16.3 36 110 13,970 38,940 Twin Lamp 50VA


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The Contractor Program is a partnership between Field Controls and HVAC Contractors. The Healthy Home System features the solutions your customers are looking for to breathe better air. Field Controls will incentivize the HVAC Contractor with a factory rebate for purchases of Healthy Home System products. The contractor program provides an opportunity for HVAC contractors to grow their business within the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market.

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Additional FlexMountUV Options

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UV-12FM & UV-14.5FM FlexMountUV Induct Air Purifiers
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