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UVGI: Battling Viruses with UV Lights in HVAC – Field Controls

At Field Controls, we’ve been improving indoor environments since 1927 with our sole focus on the movement of air inside the home. How? By providing reliable, practical, and proven products that deliver CLEAN, PURE, and FRESH air, including our line of whole house and freestanding UV air purifying products. Thinks of these air sanitizers are extra protection viruses, flu and other air borne germs.

But how exactly does a UV air purifier work?

What is UVGI?

The use of short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV) light—ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)—to kill or inactivate microorganisms has been an accepted disinfection method since the mid-20th century.

In fact, standard germicidal lamps emitting a broad spectrum of wavelengths (from about 200 to 400 nanometers) have been routinely used to decontaminate surgical equipment for years and have been increasingly employed to sterilize drinking water and wastewater, as well.

UVGI Wins the Battle Against Poor IAQ

UV is an important tactic to control indoor air quality (IAQ), stopping the problems at the source—such as air conditioning coils where mold that breeds in dark, moist environments thrive, releasing spores into the ductwork and distributing them throughout a space when the blower is engaged—is the one fact that they all agree upon.

Thus, UVGI has found applications in air purifiers for the home, gaining rapid industry acceptance in HVAC applications.

As such, testing agency Microbe Management, Inc., conducted three separate tests to examine UV’s effect on IAQ.

Microbe Management’s results confirm that UV is an important and effective contributor to a healthier home environment, and UV technology used with a quality filter (MERV rated 8 or higher) will dramatically improve IAQ.

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Field Controls, Your First Line of Defense Against Poor IAQ and Airborne Microbes

Whether free standing air purification UVGI units that use a fan to force air past the UV light or systems installed in forced air systems so that the air circulation moves microorganisms past the lamps, the key to UVGI sterilization is both the placement of the UV lamps and a good filtration system to remove the dead microorganisms.

Field Controls manufactures a full line of duct-mounted UV-Aire products proven to control the spread of airborne germs inside a home, including mold, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Field Controls also produces the Trio Portable for added protection in bedrooms, nurseries, dorm rooms or any room where you spend a lot of time.

Field Controls offers air purification solutions for residential applications, including heat pumps, package systems and traditional forced-air systems. While sanitizing the air some of our portable include high efficiency filtration with a MERV 8 rating to trap particles and charcoal filtration to attack odors and VOCs.

To learn more about how our air purifiers neutralize airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses and keep the AC coil clean of biofilm and mold, visit Field Controls today.

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