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PVO Power Venter For Oil
PVO Power Venter For Oil
PVO Power Venter
Power Venter For Oil
PVO Power Venter
PVO Power Venter For OilPVO Power VenterPower Venter For OilPVO Power Venter

Highlights of the PVO Power Venter For Oil Appliances

    • SAFE: 100% negative pressure in the vent pipe for maximum safety
    • LESS COSTLY: Standard galvanized pipe can be used instead of expensive stainless steel
    • SAVES TIME: No need to seal vent pipe joints, saving time and money

Features of the PVO Power Venter

The PVO Power Venter is designed primarily for use with a single 120VAC controlled oil-fired appliance, the PVO can also be used to common vent multiple appliances with the addition of a Control Kit.

Each PVO Series Power Venter comes equipped with pre-wired controls, an adjustable post-purge relay timer, draft proving switch, direct access terminal blocks, and a piping tee for multiple appliance systems. And with ETL Listing, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product that meets the industry’s rigorous safety standards.

Sizing your PVO Power Venter is easy – all you need is the total input firing rate and total equivalent length of the vent pipe. For more information on sizing details, refer to the Power Venter System installation guide.

Please note that the PVO Power Venter for Oil should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area to ensure a safe and proper installation of your PVO Power Venter.

Specifications of the PVO Power Venter

Inlet / Outlet
46245701 PVG-100 7.50 7.75 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46245702 PVG-300 7.50 9.25 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46245703 PVG-600 8.75 9.75 8.50 5.00 115 60 1.5 167 3000 Yes
46334701 PVG PK-100 7.50 7.75 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46334702 PVG PK-300 7.50 9.25 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46124100 PVE-1200 13.75 11.50 13.50 8.00 115 60 3.9 186 1750 Yes

Power Venter Certification

cETL listed for gas fired heating equipment

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