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Research & Development

Field Controls is a global manufacturer of Air Movement Components and Integrated Solutions Provider. We partner with engineers of leading OEMs to provide fast to market solutions. With research & development capability, rapid prototype development, 3D Printing, and custom tooling. We understand Product Approvals and have a comprehensive in-house testing facility. Leverage our Experience and Expertise. Contact Us.

How Can Field Controls Help You?

You get all the benefits of manufacturing globally while working with our teams in North Carolina and California. Don’t be frustrated by a supplier who doesn’t return your calls. When you call, we answer. The commercial and technical aptitude of our engineers and sales team allow us to expedite your request and get you answers faster.

Let our engineering team become an extension of your team. We can recommend design improvements, reduce manufacturing costs, enhance functionality and improve quality. Our technical knowledge and expertise ensure that your manufacturing is done right while saving you money and enabling you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

We are part of the Heico Portfolio of Businesses

Field Controls is part of Heico Companies LLC, a family owned business and parent holding company for a diverse portfolio of manufacturing, construction, and industrial services businesses. We treat our businesses like family and believe the long-term success of our organization is driven by the talented people who support and lead our companies. We deploy our proprietary capital to support and grow our portfolio of businesses and create value for the long-term. Heico helps its companies grow by significantly expanding their global operations while increasing profitability and efficiency.

Since we are part of the Heico family, we have vast and global resources we can tapp to bring our customers rapid success. We believe in long-term strategic partnerships, built on trust, performance and shared core values.

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