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Field Controls Unveils New Automated Free Cooling System

(Kinston, NC) – Introducing the VentCool Automated Free Cooling System, the newest addition to the Healthy Home System™ from Field Controls.

The Title 24-compliant VentCool includes a smart thermostat, which works in conjunction with most forced-air systems to provide virtually free, energy-efficient cooling. Similar in cost and function to a Whole House Fan, the VentCool monitors indoor and outdoor conditions around the clock.

Field Controls

When outdoor conditions allow, the system opens Fresh Air System dampers which circulate fresh air throughout the home. When outdoor conditions are less favorable, the system automatically switches to either ventilation cooling mode or normal cooling mode.

The Automated Free Cooling System includes a Trio Media Air Cleaner, which continues to clean and purify the circulating air whenever the central fan is engaged.

For more information on the VentCool, Title 24, or the Healthy Home System, visit or call 252.522.3031.

Editors: For downloadable photos and Word documents, click here or contact Latoya Poole at [email protected]

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