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At Field Controls, we’re all about helping you make your home or workplace a better place. Our blog covers a series of topics about making your indoor space more comfortable and healthier. We’ll cover items like how to keep the air flowing nicely, making sure your heating and cooling systems works just right, keeping your water clean, creating cozy zones in your space, and even picking out the best portable air purifiers. We want to share all the know-how so you can make your place the best it can be. So, join us for some friendly conversations as we dive into the world of indoor living – it’s all about making your space comfy and healthy, one blog post at a time.

Air Purifier for Health

Improving Indoor Air Quality Reduces Chronic Diseases

The Surprising Reality of Indoor Air Pollution In recent years, there has been growing concern about the quality and contents of the air we breathe, particularly in indoor spaces where we spend time. Studies conducted by the EPA have shown…

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