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Since 1927, we have led the industry in the control and movement of air through heating appliances. Our vent dampers, flue dampers and barometric dampers all work to improve heating appliance efficiency, saving fuel and reducing heating bills.

Our vent and flue dampers work automatically to allow natural draft during appliance operation while preventing residual appliance heat and conditioned air from escaping during off cycles. It also prevents the infiltration of cold air during down drafts. These features ensure heating appliance efficiency.

Our barometric draft controls work to provide efficient fuel consumption in oil, gas, or coal-fired heating appliances. Field Draft Controls maintain consistent draft by counteracting the negative forces caused by changes in temperature and barometric pressure, as well as the effects of wind.  When draft through the system is constant, combustion is more complete, fuels are utilized efficiently, and money is saved.

Gas and oil heating appliances generate heat through the combustion of fuel. The heat is transferred through the heat exchanger and distributed to the conditioned space. The products of combustion, however, must be vented safely out of the structure. In a conventional chimney, venting is achieved by the natural lifting action of the hot combustion gas. New, efficient systems absorb more of the heat in the heat exchanger and produce lower temperature vent gas. Lower temperature gas does not rise as quickly or as reliably as in older, less efficient systems. Power venting or sidewall venting is more economical and safer than chimney venting. A power venter uses a motorized blower to vent the products of combustion. A power venter is interlocked with the appliance to ensure that proper draft is achieved before the appliance burner is activated.

Enjoy our video below as we dive into the 3 types of ventilation for single or multi-family residences.

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