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Keeping You Safe

Our Products Improve the Safety of Heating Appliances

Field Controls is the world’s leading supplier of Draft Controls, Draft Regulators, and Vent Dampers that optimize the efficiency of heating appliances and improve venting safety. Our vent RC Draft Control Draft Inducer SWG Power Venter dampers and chimney dampers prevent heat loss, conserving energy. Our combustion air systems provide a reliable source of air to improve heating equipment efficiency, and our barometric draft controls maintain consistent air flow in gas, oil and solid fuels appliances, ensuring efficient consumption. There is a reason Field Controls products are specified for venting safety.

Our SWG Power Venters are the best power venters on the market with a proven track record as being the safest and most efficient power venters available today. Oor patented SWG Power Venters are ETL and cETL listed for all LP gas, natural gas, or oil-fired heating equipment.

Field Controls Thermal Safety Switches detect the increased heat generated by the flue gas spillage and deactivates the furnace or boiler. It will not allow the burner to restart until the switch has been manually reset. Our  Thermal Safety Switches efficiently detect flue gas spillage due to a blocked flue, continuous down drafting or inadequate draft condition.

Star-Kap Vent Caps prevents downdrafts and assists the vent in drawing off and exhausting waste gases regardless of wind direction. The Star-Kap is the only vent cap that is not required to be two feet higher than any structure within ten feet when used on detached or lean-to buildings that house heating equipment outside of the living space. Plus our Vent Hoods for natural gas, LP gas or oil-fired equipment are designed with angled outlet deflectors, and spaced plate to allow for better heat dissipation. This type of Vent Hood construction minimizes the effects of heat on the outside wall and reduces the effects of wind on the venting system.

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