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Attic Fan Vs. Whole House Fan: What’s the Difference?

Keeping homes cool using air conditioning units costs Americans an average of $29 billion every year. Of course, whether you live in a hot climate or not, a cooling system is probably necessary for your health and comfort during warmer seasons.

To save money and energy, you can turn to a ventilation system as a smart cooling option. Attic fans and whole house fan cooling systems are an energy efficient and least costly way to cool a home.

However, you’ll need to decide between utilizing an attic fan or a whole house fan – so what, exactly, is the difference?

Let’s take a look.

What Is an Attic Fan? 

Attic fans work by removing hot air from the attic so that heat isn’t concentrated above the house.

Attic fans are:

  • Mounted between the attic and the outdoors
  • Intended to cool the attic, which can result reduced heat in the living space
  • Designed to operate during the hottest times of the day 

What’s the Difference Between an Attic Fan and a Whole House Fan?

When utilizing a whole house fan as part of a ventilation system, Whole House Fan windows are opened during cooler times of the day, allowing the fan to pull air in to lower the overall temperature. Stale, hot air is then exhausted through the attic.

Whole house fans are:

  • Mounted between the living space and the attic
  • Built to work with open windows to cool the entire living space and attic
  • Functional during the morning and evening, as well as overnight 

Which is Right for You, an Attic Fan or a Whole House Fan? 

Due to their differences, attic fans and whole house fans have different ideal applications.

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Attic fans are effective in hot weather and they’re also easy to install. Attic fans can supplement AC units and lower run time.

Whole house fans, however, have multiple benefits. In areas of the country that are not extremely hot year-round, whole house fans can be an effective, comprehensive cooling option that is more energy efficient than a central AC system. In some environments, whole house fans can get rid of the need for an AC unit, boosting savings even further.

Field Controls offers multiple series of VentCool whole house fans to provide energy-efficient, low-cost cooling to homes.

To see the Field Controls’ series of whole house fans, VentCool fans can be your perfect solution.

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