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Vent cool whole house fans, fan cooling

VentCool Fans Delivers Ultra-Quiet Fan Cooling

A VentCool whole house fan consume 90% less energy than traditional HVAC mechanical cooling. VentCool whole house fans or attics fans depending on what part of the country you live in are ultra-quiet and cool the entire home naturally by replacing hot indoor air with cool indoor air.Its a process called thermal mass cooling. VentCool circulates cooler outside air through the home, so the AC runs less, which saves on energy costs. VentCool fans offer a fresh air approach to cool spaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional AC.

VentCool Fans Are Available in Three Series to Meet Any Homeowner’s Needs

To accommodate any space, VentCool fans are available in three series: Tahoe , Summit , and Vista, each having features that make them high-performance, and energy efficient. Each series employ motors that operate at 90% less energy than traditional AC units. VentCool fans are the best whole house fans. The Tahoe Series whole house fan uses a Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor while the Summit Series and Vista Series are equipped with Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) motors, which operate at an optimally low cfm/watt draw. Additional features of each series include:

  • AirLoc™ Gravity Damper, a sealing system that isolates attic air from the living space
  • Wall Mounted Speed Control: 2-speed wall mount control with an 8-hour timer to set the desired operation period
  • Optional Wi-Fi capability
  • Acoustic Silencer Duct: 7 feet of insulated flex duct for quieter sound operation
  • Decorative Intake Grille

Quality Construction in Every VentCool Fan

The Better Choice in Whole House Fans

At Field Controls, we are dedicated to developing products that are efficient and effective and improve indoor environments. Learn more about VentCool whole house fans today.

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