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Award-winning iAQ App Now Includes Custom Quotation

(Kinston, NC) – The latest update of Field Controls’ Healthy Home iAQ app includes a robust tool that allows the contractor to create custom quotations in a matter of seconds. This unique and powerful app for Apple and Android devices is a complete education, demonstration, quoting, and selling tool…all in one convenient app. It gives contractors the power and flexibility to design and quote a complete custom Healthy Home IAQ System for their customers quickly and easily, in their office, truck, or right in their customer’s home. It provides options and allows the customer to select the system that best meets their needs and budget. The customer can approve the proposal on the spot and the contractor can email it to the customer and home office to get the order started.

The app allows custom, MSRP, and flat rate pricing. The contractor can add his logo to the app to create custom proposals that represent his brand. He can also use the app to explain the components of the quote, discuss options, and modify the system based on the unique needs of the home.

These new features round out an already powerful app that has been used for the last year to educate, demonstrate, and sell custom IAQ solutions. It is a free download on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay stores. The contractor submits an application to unlock the new quoting options, he selects his pricing option, adds a logo, and he’s ready to start demonstrating, selling, and quoting IAQ.

Field Control’s Healthy Home System™ is an affordable, customizable indoor air quality system that integrates into existing forced air ductwork. For more information on the iAQ App or the Healthy Home IAQ System, visit or call 252.522.3031.

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