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Field Controls Introduces 24 volt Solution for Dual Air Purification

(Kinston, NC) – Introducing a new 24 volt, two-stage air purification solution that is easy to install and adds increased protection from germs, VOCs and odors.

The Duo-11/24V™ and Duo-14/24V™ are new additions to the Healthy Home Combo System family of products. The Duo includes a two stage purification process that works in harmony with virtually any forced-air system. The first stage utilizes a powerful, ultraviolet germicidal light that neutralizes intruding airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses. The second stage incorporates Field’s patented PRO-Cell™ technology to convert VOCs and odors into family-friendly harmless water vapor.


The Duo’s six-time patented PRO-Cell core has a 10-year warranty and is 100% maintenance free. The system can be installed over the A-coil, in a return, or in the supply duct of any HVAC system. This Duo 24V is available with an 11” UVC lamp or a 14” UVC lamp.

For more information on the Duo 24V or the Healthy Home System, visit or call 252.522.3031.

Editors: For downloadable photos and Word documents, visit the Field Controls newsroom at or contact Latoya Poole at

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