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Field Controls Introduces New Whole House Dehumidifiers

(Kinston, NC) – Field Controls has unveiled its new Whole House Dehumidifiers (FC-DH) which offer the ability to efficiently maintain proper humidity levels for a comfortable indoor environment. Patrick Holleran, President of Field Controls, says, “Controlling humidity is a critical part of delivering homeowner comfort. It also plays a major role in indoor air quality and control of germs and mold. Both comfort and air quality are improved with our whole house dehumidifier, which augments the limited capacity of the central A/C system, and controls indoor humidity all year long, especially during those steamy summer months we experience in the Southeast.”

Homes today may be more energy efficient due to tighter construction methods, but this can cause moisture to become trapped indoors. This results in musty odors and mold, mildew, and bacteria growth throughout the house. Controlling the humidity inside the home is essential for comfort, reduced health risks, and property protection. The FC-DH will work in conjunction with the HVAC system and assist in preventing mold growth by drawing indoor air through a mechanical process that condenses the moisture.

The Whole House Dehumidifiers work by featuring an integrated dehumidistat to monitor the conditioned space. When the relative humidity rises above the selected setpoint, the dehumidifier will energize. Air is then drawn across an evaporator coil, which is cooler than the dew point air. This causes moisture to condense out of the air. The air is then reheated through the condenser coil and distributed back into the room.

The Field Controls Whole House Dehumidifiers were developed with a compact design, perfect for basement and crawl space applications and ideal for whole house integration with HVAC systems. They are equipped with aluminum coils to offer ultimate corrosion protection. This product line also has fail-safe protection measures that will shut the dehumidifier off if the external condensate pump fails. The digital display allows for the selection of a precise setpoint and the monitoring of room conditions, while the remote-control upgrade option allows for convenient and effortless system management.

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