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Diagnosing IAQ Issues to help your customers


There are multitudes of factors that can affect indoor air quality, or IAQ. Whether it’s pollen or other particulates coming in from the outdoors, elevated moisture indoors causing mold and mildew, insufficient ventilation of carbon dioxide or toxic chemicals, or pet dander and odors, it can cause problems for a homeowner. So, how do you diagnose the problem?

Step 1: Have a Conversation with the Customer

You need to individualize the approach, because there is never a one-size-fit-all solution to IAQ issues. Talk with your customer so you can discuss their main concerns.

Step 2: Inspect the Home

Contamination of the air supply will come one (or more) of these four areas:

  • The source: Either indoors, outdoors, or mechanical building systems
  • The HVAC system: does the current system already have mechanisms in place to control existing contaminants or humidity levels?
  • Pathways: This is typically the HVAC system, but any structural components can impact air movement
  • Occupants: are the occupants themselves causing issues, such as smoking within the home or cooking in the kitchen without the exhaust running?

There are a handful of areas where you want to conduct a visual assessment:

  • Indoor coil
  • Blower
  • Ducting
  • Filtering system
  • Quality of the tape and seal
  • Quality of the door gasket and seal

Step 3: Make a Diagnosis

Many IAQ problems require multiple solutions. You can test each solution individually to ensure you are on the right track with your hypothesis. If you are manipulating the system and you do not see results to support your theory on what’s causing the problem, go back to the first step. Ensure the homeowner communicated all of the issues they are having and double-check all of the areas that could be causing problems.

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Step 4: Resolve the Issue

The primary goal is to prevent the problem from happening again (and ensure customer satisfaction!), so be thorough and thoughtful in your process. Establish an action plan and resolve the issue. The Field Controls Healthy Home System features a line of in-duct indoor air quality solutions that address the home as a complete system. The Healthy Home System packages the solutions your customers need to breathe better air. Plus, if you join our Healthy Home System Contractor program, you can earn rebates for purchases of Healthy Home System contractor program products. We want to help you provide the best solutions for your customers so they can breathe the healthiest air.

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