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Flue Sentinel® Unveils New Chimney Fan with Damper

(Kinston, NC) – Introducing a new product that combines a chimney cap, chimney fan, and flue damper in one convenient, high performance package. The Flue Sentinel® Chimney Fan and Damper is constructed of high-grade stainless steel, with a heavy duty fan and damper, and can be installed in new or pre-existing chimneys. It is available in three sizes for chimneys with 8”, 12” and 16” openings.

The new Flue Sentinel® comes complete with a control kit that interfaces with the gas logs and automatically opens the damper and engages the fan before allowing the fire to start. Back-up safety features ensure the fire won’t start until the damper is fully open and draft has been proven.

When the fireplace is turned off, the fan is turned off and the damper automatically closes, trapping heat in the chimney. The unit eliminates the need for glass doors on a hearth to conserve heat, and can save as much as 30% in energy costs that would normally be caused by heat loss through a chimney with a traditional damper.

“Our new all-in-one Flue Sentinel® Flue Chimney Fan with Automatic Damper is the ultimate in convenience,” says Patrick Holleran, President of Field Controls. “It is easy to install, operate, and service, and offers a superior level of safety and performance for homeowners.”

Flue Sentinel® products are manufactured by Field Controls, a leader in air movement, air control, and air quality products.

Field Controls
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