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Introducing the Most Powerful Portable Air Purifier on the Planet

(Kinston, NC) – From state-of-the-art VOC and particle sensors to its ultra-quiet, variable speed fan, this is not your traditional portable air purifier. The Trio Portable air purifier includes features found in clean rooms and high-tech environments as well as living rooms and nurseries. It includes two-stage charcoal filtration to remove smoke and odors and a high efficiency MERV 11 filter to remove dust, dander, and pollen. A powerful UVC germicidal lamp does double duty, deactivating bacteria, mold, viruses, and fungi and activating a patented titanium honeycomb grid called a PRO-Cell™ that uses PCO science (photocatalytic oxidation) to destroy VOCs, odors, and smoke.

The Trio Portable also includes state-of-the-art VOC and particle sensors that adjust the fan speed based on environmental changes. So as the air gets cleaner, the fan slows to maintenance mode. When VOCs and/or dust increase in the room, the fan revs up to quickly clean the air. The Trio Portable is ideal for homes or offices without ductwork and for extra protection in any room.

For more information on the Trio Portable Air Purifier, visit or call 252.522.3031.

Field Controls Trio-1000, portable air purifier, uv air purifier
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