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EvenAir Temperature Sensors
Field Controls

EvenAir Wired and Wireless Temperature Sensors

For Use with EvenAir Wired and Communicating Comfort Control Thermostats

The EvenAir thermostat monitors the temperature in two locations–sleeping area and living area–to maintain even temperature throughout the home by communicating with a temperature sensor, located in the sleeping area or living area. The temperature is checked every 2 minutes during heating and cooling modes.

When the temperatures differ by more than 2 degrees airflow is automatically adjusted. Each EvenAir damper is adjusted by 2% in the appropriate direction to increase airflow where it is needed. This modulates air delivery to balance temperature throughout the home.

The TS51 and TS52 temperature sensor is installed in the upstairs sleeping area and monitors the temperature in that area. One or two sensors can be installed. When using two sensors, the temperatures are averaged, and the sensors wire in parallel. The TS5 can be optionally used when controlling a whole house fan or economizer. Compatible with T21 and T21WF Communicating Thermostats.

The TSER temperature sensor is installed in the upstairs area and monitors the temperature. The TSER is battery operated and communicates wirelessly using an FCC certified ISM radio. One or two sensors are installed. When two sensors are installed, the temperatures are averaged. The TSER can be optionally used when controlling a whole house fan or economizer. Compatible with T32 and T32WF Communicating Thermostats.

The TS3 temperature sensor monitors the outdoor air temperature and is used with dual fuel heat pump equipment. The TS3 can be optionally used when controlling fresh air, a whole house fan or economizer. Compatible with the H32 wiring hub.

For EvenAir Communicating Thermostats, check out models T32 and T32WF.

EvenAir offers a material savings over zoning system of 47 to 57% savings in purchased materials compared to traditional zoning systems.

EvenAir automatically controls heating, cooling and airflow in one- and two-story homes and provides upstairs and downstairs comfort in all seasons without a zoning system panel. EvenAir provides uniform comfort in the living and sleeping areas.

The EvenAir Comfort Control thermostat monitors the downstairs and upstairs temperatures and every 2 minutes, during a heating and cooling calls, compares the thermostat and the sensor temperatures and automatically adjusts the modulating dampers 2% so that more airflow is directed to the area that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home.


580011301 TS51 4.5 H x 2.7 W x .2 D
580011302 TS52 4.5 H x 2.7 W x .2 D
580011305 TSER 6.1 H x 3.0 W x 1.0 D
580011306 TS3 2.1 H x 2.1 W x 1.3 D
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