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EvenAir Comfort Control is not a zoning system. EvenAir controls heating, cooling and airflow to provide comfort in the living and sleeping areas.
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EvenAir Wireless Sensor Hub and Electronic Receiver Module

Wireless Sensor Hubs For Use with T32 and T32WF Communicating Comfort Control Thermostats

The EvenAir Wireless Sensor Hub is installed in the equipment area and communicates with the EvenAir communicating thermostat using RS485 and a 4-wire new or existing cable. The Wireless Sensor Hub can use wired temperature sensors in the sleeping area for RNC installations or wireless, battery powered temperature sensors for replacement installations. Plug and play dampers are used for fast, error free installation.

Connects to the T32 or T32WF thermostat using existing or new 4-conductor thermostat cable.

Compatible with gas/electric equipment with 2H/2C, conventional or dual fuel heat pumps with 3H/2C.

Use the H32 EvenAir Wireless Sensor Hub for gas/electric equipment, conventional or dual fuel heat pump with 3H/2C, fresh air damper output, humidifier output, DSBK terminal for dehumidification and output for whole house fan control. The ER1 eLink Plugin Radio Module plugs into the wiring hub and is required when using wireless sensors.

The ER1 Electronic Receiver Module plugs into the H32 Wiring Hub and is required when using the TSER wireless, battery powered temperature sensor. The ER1 monitors the sensor and whenever the sensor temperature changes one degree, the new temperature is wirelessly sent to the Wiring Hub.

For EvenAir Communicating Thermostats, check out models T32 and T32WF.

The EvenAir thermostat monitors the downstairs and upstairs temperatures and every 2 minutes, during a heating and cooling calls, compares the thermostat and the sensor temperatures and automatically adjusts the modulating dampers 2% so that more airflow is directed to the area that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home.

The EvenAir Comfort Control automatically controls heating, cooling and airflow in one- and two-story homes to provide upstairs and downstairs comfort in all seasons without a zoning panel. EvenAir provides uniform comfort in the living and sleeping areas.

EvenAir offers a material savings over zoning system of 47 to 57% savings in purchased materials compared to traditional zoning systems.


580011201 H32 5.5 H x 3.9 W x 1.2 D 24 1.9
580011205 ER1 .7 H x 1.1 W x .4 D n/a n/a
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