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Field Controls Introduces New Fresh Air System

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(Kinston, NC) – Field Controls has developed a new system designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 62.2 for fresh air changes in residential housing. “The renewed emphasis on residential energy efficiency restricts fresh air changes and adds to the indoor air quality crisis,” says Patrick Holleran, Field President. “Contractors that want to ‘seal it tight and ventilate right’ should consider the new Fresh Air System from Field Controls.”

The new FAS Fresh Air System uses patented technology to engage the central system blower fan to bring fresh air into the home as needed. In addition to increasing fresh air changes, the system improves air circulation, providing better temperature and humidity control and reducing energy costs. Better air circulation also increases the effectiveness of whole house filtration and UV air purification efforts.

Two components make up the FAS: the Fresh Air Control and the Fresh Air Damper. The Fresh Air Control is programmed by the installer, based on the square footage and number of inhabitants in the house. Once set up, it automatically opens the Fresh Air Damper on a regular schedule to allow fresh air to enter the plenum where it is mixed with conditioned air and circulated through the home. It conserves energy by utilizing the central fan during the heating/cooling cycles of the system. The Fresh Air Damper includes a heavy-duty motor to rotate the damper blade when opening and closing.

The FAS can be installed in any forced air system, new or retrofit. The system is 24volt and an electrician is not usually required for installation. The FAS is part of a complete suite of IAQ products manufactured by Field Controls. Also ask about the MAC Media Air Cleaners and the UV-Aire® air purifiers.

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