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Introducing EvenAir® Whole House Comfort Control System

(Kinston, NC)—Field Controls NEW EvenAir® Whole House Comfort Control System monitors the sleeping area and living area temperatures, and automatically adjusts the system airflow to deliver balanced temperatures for a comfortable home. The EvenAir system is simple, economical solution for providing comfort in new and existing two- and single-story homes without the cost and effort of traditional zoning.

The Comfort Problem Solved

In two-story homes on warm summer days the upstairs can be much warmer than the downstairs because the upstairs area is not getting enough cool airflow. In the winter, the situation is flipped; downstairs can be cold because it is not getting enough heated airflow. In a one-story home, the sleep area can be colder or hotter than the living area. “EvenAir solves the problem of uneven comfort. EvenAirdynamically adjusts the airflow based on the temperature differences in the sleeping area and living area in one- and two-story homes. Every two minutes during heating and cooling calls the EvenAir thermostat compares the sleeping area temperature with the living area temperature,” says Timothy Barton, Director Wholesale Sales at Field Controls. “When the temperature differs by 2 degrees, EvenAirautomatically controls adjusts the airflow for all-season comfort without a zoning panel and at half the cost.”

Lowest Install Cost for Maximum Whole House Comfort

Both new homes and existing home need a low-cost solution for providing comfort in the sleeping area and living space of the home without the expense of zoning. Wired EvenAir models are designed for Residential New Construction and Wireless EvenAir models are designed for Add On/Replacement applications. Unlike traditional zoning, EvenAir features:

  • 42 to 57 percent material savings over traditional zoning
  • Eliminates installing zoning panel, DAT sensor, and transformer
  • Eliminates bypass damper and ductwork
  • Reduces wiring by about 50%
  • Reduces HERS zoning testing
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Installation of the EvenAir Whole House Comfort Control System is simple. The EvenAir system thermostat where the

existing thermostat located in the living area. A temperature sensor is installed in the sleeping area. Area Comfort Dampers that control the airflow to the sleeping area and living area are installed in the exist ductwork.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Just Even Comfort Throughout the Home

The EvenAir thermostat monitors the temperature in the living area and checks the temperature with an EvenAir temperature sensorin the sleeping area every 2 minutes during heating and cooling modes. When the temperatures differ by more than 2 degrees (factory set at 2 degrees, adjustable from 0-5 degrees) airflow is adjusted. Each EvenAir damper automatically adjusts by 2 percent in the appropriate direction to increase airflow where it is needed. This modulates air delivery to balance temperature throughout the home.

A Cool System with Hot Features

The EvenAir Whole House Comfort Control System not only offers yearround, 24/7 comfort, EvenAir offers energy saving to eliminate overheating or overcooling and comes with a preset Energy Star schedule for additional savings. The Nighttime Airflow feature uses the temperature in the sleeping area to control heating and cooling at night. The Airflow Override feature enables the homeowner to direct airflow where it is needed, like during a party where you may want more airflow to the living area. EvenAir can easily be upgraded to WiFi with a simple plug-in and no additional wiring. The EvenAir thermostat features a touch screen, LCD display.


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