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Introducing the Duo Air Purifier family of products with Advanced PRO-Cell™ Technology!

The current environment and social distancing have put neutralizing viruses top of mind. Field Controls is excited to release the announcement of improved performance for the Duo Air Purifier family of products. All Duo air purifier models now apply an Advanced Catalytic Aluminum Substrate. Field Controls is committed to help you deliver the safest and most effective UVC Germicidal air purification products on the market today.

Duo air purifiers feature high-intensity UVC (ultraviolet C) germicidal lamps, advanced Catalytic Aluminum Substrate, and AirFresh™ activated carbon adsorption technologies. The design is greatly effective in neutralizing airborne viruses, germs, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause odors.

How is Performance Improved?

The substrate material applied to the Duo Air Purifier is a woven aluminum wire grid. This substrate allows for greater reactivity by the patented permanent bonding process of the Duo’s proprietary titanium dioxide catalyst. This catalytic aluminum substrate is called PRO-Cell Technology. A Photo Reactive Oxidation process occurs when the catalyst is excited by the irradiation of UVC light, aggressively deactivating microbials and deconstructing molecular bonds of airborne toxic gases.

Duo Air Purification Core Technologies

  • High intensity UVC germicidal energy:
    • The 50w UVC lamp is a potent neutralizer of airborne germs such as viruses, bacteria, and mold contaminants.
  • PRO-Cell:
    • Highly reactive permanently bonded TiO2 catalytic aluminum substrate. The venturi design maximizes the exposure of biologicals and toxic gases within the treatment zone. This process is safe and ozone free.
  • AirFresh™ activated carbon adsorption:
    • AirFresh™ activated carbon traps odors and toxins. The PRO-Cell catalyzes the impurities into safe carbon dioxide and water vapor. The carbon is refreshed allowing for the regenerating adsorptive process.
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To Learn More!

We invite you to Visit the Field Controls Duo product page.  Get more information as to why the Duo Air Purifier is exceptional at purifying indoor air. Visit Duo product page to download the overview and watch the Duo 3D video. If you have any questions, contact us at

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