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Leverage UV Light Into Your HVAC

Integrating UV light into your home doesn’t require scientific expertise or a huge investment.

The  Field Controls UV-Aire UV-16  unit has been designed to emit strong UVC band light through your heating or air conditioning system, sterilizing and reducing airborne microorganisms. It works to neutralize the organism’s RNA so that it can no longer replicate. As new indoor air circulates through your system, it’s being passed through the UV light,
effectively treating it.

Field Controls completed multiple  independent lab tests  to verify its effect on viruses and germs, finding that it reduced test bacteria by 90% within 30 minutes. While the technology is highly advanced, it’s extremely simple to install. They require minimal maintenance, and you don’t need extensive training to use the products in your home.

Each day, you and your family venture out into the public domain and have a high probability of encountering germs and viruses. You probably already practice good hygiene to reduce these chances, such as thorough handwashing or use of hand sanitizer, but the threat remains. Being able to harness the power of UVC light can make all the difference in stopping the spread and multiplication of these germs and viruses. By introducing UV light into your airow and ventilation systems, you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself from them. A UV light for HVAC is smart. UV lights in HVAC systems are proven effective in neutralizing viruses. HVAC UV lights are an effective tool to control viruses, bacteria, mold and other airborne germs.

Download the UV Light Field Report.

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