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Duo Technology – A Field Controls Advertorial

For decades, Field Controls has been a leader in the development of innovative Indoor Air Quality products. That is why the Duo-2000 is a best in class IAQ whole house air purifier.

The Duo-2000 is a “Potent Germ Neutralizer.” The Duo stops germs dead in their tracks while providing any home with the finest air purification in the industry.

Independent lab tests document that the ability of viruses and bacteria to reproduce were eradicated by 93.6%. Lab test also show that airborne toxic chemicals due to off-gassing materials and household cleaners also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), were reduced by 80% to harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Field Controls’ Duo air purification system is a proven IAQ solution. The Duo combines 3 powerful purification forces. #1 High Intensity 50w Ultraviolet C (UVC) Germicidal Lamp, #2 PRO-Cell™ Technology (PCO) with exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation, a safe potent reactive process, and #3 AirFresh™ Activated Carbon Adsorption. The Duo is designed to be ozone free and technology is backed by 6 patents.

The High Intensity 50w UVC Germicidal Lamp is the most powerful energy output used residentially today. One is assured that this optimum application will do two things; 1) efficiently cleanse indoor air by eliminating unhealthy airborne bacteria and viruses, 2) vigorously irradiate AC-coils supporting a clean surface free of toxic organics (biofilms) and fungi while maintaining the heating and cooling system efficiency and performance.

The Duo’s PRO-Cell dynamic process removes airborne toxic chemicals by an application of permanently bonded nanoparticulate titanium dioxide (TiO2) catalyst to an aluminum substrate. The aluminum substrate allows for expanded surface area to maximize biological and VOC contact time. The UVC light energy will excite the TiO2 catalyst to break down toxic VOCs into safe molecules. The process works like a catalytic converter equipped on automobiles and trucks.

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The AirFresh™ activated carbon adsorption media will snare odors and toxic chemical impurities entrapping them on the activated carbon surface. The AirFresh™ will slash odors and pathogens up to 88%. The trapped impurities in the AirFresh will then be catalyzed by the PRO-Cell and refreshed to continue the adsorptive process for fresh, pure air.

Your heating and cooling contractor will position your Duo-2000 in the supply air plenum of your furnace or air handler to irradiate the AC-coil or your contractor will place the Duo-2000 in the return air duct for maximum air treatment. In fact, a unit can be installed at both locations on your heating and cooling system for extreme peak air purification.

The technology of the Duo-2000 is backed by science – the CDC, ASHRAE, World Health Organization and doctors praise UV irradiation for its air disinfection capabilities.

Protect your loved ones and yourself from harmful airborne germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold while reducing VOCs and other indoor air pollutants with out line of PCO products.

Take control of your air and create a healthy home.

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