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3 Tips for HVAC Companies to Reduce Employee Turnover

If you are an HVAC company business owner and you are tired of the labor shortage, you are not alone!

HVAC Technicians are the highest demanded occupation on Earth

By now you have heard about the labor shortages that are sweeping the HVAC industry. Labor shortages are creating a huge dilemma. In fact, no other occupation on earth is in higher demand than HVAC professionals. To make matters more challenging, the demand is expected to grow by 15% through 2026. Additionally, with a growing concern about indoor air quality, HVAC professionals are now called on to provide solutions for clean indoor air along with their normal job functions.

Cost-Efficient Tips for Reducing Employee Turnover in Your HVAC Business

train your HVAC employees on indoor air quality productsTraining and Continuing Education: Studies show that proper training and continuing education will enhance employee performance which is great for productivity. Amidst labor shortages, productivity can sometimes be a huge challenge. Training also reduces the impact of some work-related stressors. Unsurprisingly, stress is why 1 out of every 5 employees quit their jobs. If employees are properly trained they will feel more empowered and confident when performing their job functions and this can eliminate some anxiety. Additionally, studies show that continuing education and training will enhance an employee’s commitment to the company. If a company is investing in an employee, the employee is more likely to invest their time and skills into the company. Interested in training your employees on indoor air quality products? Learn more about our Healthy Home System Contractor Program.

3 tips for HVAC owners looking to reduce employee turnoverIncentive and Increased Earnings: There are opportunities for HVAC company owners to help employees increase earning potential. The Field Controls Healthy Home System Contractor Program can provide employees with another method to increase earning potential. HVAC contractors can receive increased earnings on jobs and Field Controls’ rebates when Healthy Home System products are offered. Incentives and bonuses can be great tools to use as motivators. However, uses these tools carefully and be sure that achieving bonuses and incentives does not cause an excessive amount of stress, as this can be counterproductive.

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grow your hvac businessEmployee Recognition: As recognition increases, turnover decreases. In fact, regular employee recognition has contributed to a 10% reduction in turnover for some companies. Giving recognition that is big and small can help in many ways. Acknowledgment is especially important in the HVAC industry where businesses can get extremely busy. Recognition can help employee morale. Simple and cost-efficient ways to give employee recognition can include: thank you cards, kudos at company meetings, thank you emails, gift cards, extra time off, and awards.



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