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Healthy Home System TrioMAC Media Air Cleaner Cabinet Model TrioMAC-1625M13

The Media Air Cleaner that grows with your needs. Start with a media filter and add on a UV lamp purifier.

The TrioMAC is a whole house air filtration system that can be upgraded at any time with our PRO-Cell air purification option for maximum whole-house protection. As air enters the TrioMAC, it is filtered with a MERV 13 filtration media. This pleated 4-inch filter traps particles as small as .3 micron including mold, bacteria, dust, dander, and pollen. Include a high efficiency MERV 13 filter. Meets ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 standards.

Healthy Home System TrioMAC Media Air Cleaner Cabinets Replacement Filters: Field Controls part number: 46568600

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