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Air Booster Activator

Automatic, year-round air flow operation

The model ABA-1 Air-Booster Activator is an optional accessory that provides automatic, year-round operation without performing complicated direct wiring to the furnace or air conditioner blower. It works by detecting air flow within the duct by means of an air pressure switch.

Do booster fans really work? Booster fans are add-ons that help move indoor air through ducts. While inline duct and register booster fans will not solve underlying defects in the HVAC system, they can “boost” air flow and increase the amount of cold and warm air that ultimately makes it to a room.

What is an duct booster?

A duct booster fan, also known as an air-booster fan, is a device that is attached to the HVAC system’s ductwork. It can increase airflow to rooms in the home that are far away from heating and cooling systems.

How do you increase airflow in air ducts? There are a few things to do. Unblock and clean vents. Change air filters and clean return grill. A dirty air filter stifles air movement and makes it hard for the furnace to work efficiently. Seal leaky ductwork. Install an air-booster fan.

How does a duct booster fan work? The air duct booster fan boosts the air flow of the room. It spreads the air in the whole room to maintain the same temperature in the room. It is an effective way to control the air of a room. The duct booster fan needs the small amount of energy to do its work.

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